Thursday, January 12, 2012


Now the holidays are officially gone and "put away", I have decided that this is the time to start cleaning and revamping things and get things rolling. I have found that each year has become much better each time. In hopes, we will be searching for a bigger place by another month or so. I just wanted to "touch up" on the current events... We're still all getting adjusted to the new baby (Lucian) with his "unique" sleeping schedule. Hopefully by the time he's a month old, it'll all smooth out. He's getting so big at a fast rate. His last check-up was excellent, which eases my mind (okay, maybe just a little bit). My daughter is still currently healing over the tragic news from over the holidays. I just wish I could reach out more to see what I can do as her mother, but, I know she has to step up and choose to communicate. I cannot pressure her. I am hopeful though that she will heal in time, and also realize and accept that none of it was her fault AT ALL. I've noticed huge changes even within a short amount of time. I'm on my break from school for the semester, will be returning in March, and I have found I actually (well, it does get taken by the baby) I have some free time even if it's at nights which I spend a lot of quality time with the family and am able to squeeze in a few hours of one on one time with my husband. That man has changed my life, I swear. I use to have this jaded outlook on "settling down", being with the "one" for the rest of my life, etc when it came to relationships and any hopes of marriage. Furthermore, I had no hopes of ever having anymore children. My husband did change all that, and our family has grown and it's such a beautiful and wonderful thing.