Thursday, March 18, 2010


Returning to the subject at hand from yesterday's entry...

I have noticed that this certain person has been trying their very best in attempting to create themselves as a priority (perhaps even a first priority) in my life. Unfortunate for her, I will not (or ever) allow this.

I'm a recent "new" mother per say. I just had a baby a month ago (I have a teenager daughter as well). I have my set priorities in life. I have my goals in life. None of these things do NOT include this person. However, here very soon, she will learn her lesson the hard way because she will receive that "slap of reality" from me tomorrow as she claims she wants to call me and talk.

I truly do not have any time for someone else's (quite bluntly) bullshit. I have too many things on my plate to even blink an eye at someone's drama, bitch, whining, etc. I won't and will never have it.

This is the same person that has placed me as the status of "best friend" but has also created me as an option if things don't go her way, if she needs/wants something, etc.

Never be an "option" in someone's life. Be there, yes, for your friends. Be there for your family...but if that person has only created you in their life as an option and only depend on you whenever only THEY need something...

They do deserve that bitch slap back onto realism. Period.

...More realism points tomorrow.

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