Friday, May 23, 2008

Destruction of One's Heart

I just had to get this off my chest, due to recent events...I will be reverting into a more hermit like state for a bit, releasing the negativies through my art and writing)
Destruction of One's Heart

Your words of hate and despisement
Bring nothing but despair and torment
Why as I ask
You feel this the task
Of your waking moment and waking hour
Attempting for me to cower
At your mere existence
Your anger become more when I have the defensive stance
Your words become more and more hurtful
I close my eyes and hope it will just all dull
Erased from existence within my mind
Since your distaste in my being isn't so kind.
You are my reference point of life
Yet only within your striking you bring only strife
You are my mother I thought be true
Only having hatred submitted from you
Only love me for who I am for today, tomorrow, forever...
Will you accept your daughter, or I am to become in your life a blur?

(C)2008 Misanthropic-Musings

(*Dedicated to my mother for whom has slashed and cut into me recently...for whom I will always love yet always fear of never being loved.*)

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